CB Pay Mobile Banking in G&G

In our desire to make the lives of our customers better, G&G partnered with CB Bank for mobile banking services to be available in selected G&G stores. Banking is now made easy and convenient, no need to travel to the bank and wait for hours to do your banking transactions. Now, simply go to G&G and do your withdrawals and fund transfer even after banking hours and during holidays. This service is open from 7am to 7pm daily.

CB Bank mobile banking services is initially available in the following G&G stores.

  1. G2691 Htee Tan St., Htee Tan Set Myay Ward, Kyimyintaing Township
  2. G44 6 East Horse Rase Road, Tamwe (B) Ward, Tamwe Township

Here in G&G, we find ways to make your life easier. Watch our for more G&G stores to have this service soon.