Grocery, Ready to Eat products, Daily Basic Essentials, and many more

Ready to Eat

Satisfy your cravings on the go, anytime anywhere with our delicious and satisfying range of Ready to Eat products, perfect for your busy lifestyle. These yummy treats are available in selected G&G stores.

Hot Beverage

Take a break and enjoy a cup of hot beverage anytime of the day in all G&G stores.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Need fresh fruits and vegetables? No need to go to a grocery store, from your favorite Banana, Apple and Pear to Onions, Garlic and Potato, get all these pantry staples on select G&G stores.

Cosmetics and Beauty Care

Explore our range of. budget cosmetics and various beauty care products. No need to go far to get that refreshing look anytime of the day, we got you covered.

G&G Purified Drinking Water

Drink up! Stay refreshed and hydrated with G&G Purified drinking water. Reasonably priced and available 2 sizes, 550ml and 1 lt.

G&G Brand Merchandise

Grab quality G&G merchandise in all G&G stores. Make a difference for the environment with our multi purpose G&G reusable bag in 2 stylish designs and your partner for all seasons, the G&G umbrella.