Job Scope

This is responsible for managing Processed foods category to achieve targeted KPI by planning and buying the right products/services with the lowest possible price, the highest commissions or fees, still with competitive selling prices, driving and promoting the categories business, arranging the efficient infrastructure for the services at store level.

Main Responsibilities

  • To effectively manage the complete assortment matrix for Processed foods in multi format and multi-channel (including on demand & ecommerce) within the organization.
  • To achieve successful implementation of category plans, performance of which are based on sustainable measures of improving sales, market share, customer satisfaction, profitability and productivity of the Department.
  • To define and improve Processed foods of the merchandising strategies and priorities with Merchandizing Head, Operating Committee and Chief Executive Officer.
  • To define all merchandising processes and procedures for the Department.
  • To lead the merchandising and category management training within the Department.
  • Working closely with Merchandising Head and HR on succession planning.
  • Work closely with the Merchandising Head and Senior Management team to set direction for the department.
  • Develop and implement strategic buying plans across all Processed foods by working closely with key business partners to meet the needs of the customers and achieve company’s financial goals and objectives
  • Protect and improve market share, customer satisfaction and productivity performances measures.
  • Streamline process and planning within the team.
  • Manage and develop the buying and Merchandising support team, develop bench strength and clear succession plans
  • Market challenges by Banners, e-commerce players in a tough economic environment with shrinking disposal income, rising cost of living.

(1) Consumer and Market Insight

  • Based on deep market expertise, identifies midterm risks and opportunities for the
  • Develops disruptive ideas and innovative concepts to test on consumers, constantly follow
    new trends and creates differentiation

(2) Category Development

  • Sponsors and champions the development of new strategic categories, being accountable for the execution of the strategic category development roadmap.
  • Develops expertise in market trends, anticipating consumers’ needs evolutions and constantly identifies new opportunities and need gaps to address in store.
  • Develops the success measures of new category development and associated process.

(3) Category Management

  • Actively participate with the Merchandising Head in the creation of the vision for
    categories across channels and drives the definition of category expansion priorities,
    strategies and plans, closely with strategic suppliers.
  • Leads the execution of the design of category strategies and roles and ensures the
    balance and consistency of category roles across the formats.
  • Challenges the category management process and provides expert advice on critical decisions (re-allocations, discounts, etc.).
  • Consistently review the performance measurements to evaluate category management execution – sales, market share, margin, stock, availability, etc.
  • If necessary, leads directly strategic categories.

(4) Macro Space Planning

  • Actively participate to the development of store and layout templates.
  • Creates with Merchandising Head a big-picture vision of various store formats, and
    manages space in consideration of category-level roles, strategies, and tactics.
  • Improve space planning and facilitate macro space decisions and execution in store.

(5) Category Visual Merchandising

  • Participates in the design of visual merchandising standards and templates to
    effectively translate the banners identify and values.
  • Challenges the current VM plan and proposes differentiation and innovation to
    differentiate and add value
  • Participates in major visual concept investment (new furniture, new assets) and
    participate actively in the design of major refurbishment initiatives in store and new
    stores opening.

(6) Active Commercial Selling

  • Working closely with Marketing team to participates actively in the definition of
    promotions strategies and in the designs the Department promotion calendar across
    product categories and corporate promotions.
  • Invents creative, differentiated, compelling techniques and toolkits to better promote
  • Defines the promotion evaluation criteria and monitors the overall promotion
    performance effectiveness of the Department.
  • Accountable of the negotiation strategies to agree major deals with suppliers and builds
    collaborations on promotion development with them.

(7) Product Brand Management

  • Builds up the brands architecture and drives the development of brands based on
    consumer and market insights, including the brand’s vision, values, key messages to
  • Drives internal teams to develop products in alignment with the brand’s values and
    value proposition and ensures the consistency of the overall brand proposition to
  • Evaluates the brand campaign execution effectiveness and identifies improvement

(8) Product Development

  • Integrates the product introduction calendar with the marketing strategy of the Group.
  • Drives the new product launch procedure for multiple innovations in parallel and
    identifies potential improvements areas.
  • Provides coaching to team members on product development methods, calendar
    management, to accelerate the time to market and drive successful product activations

(9) Matching Products with Customer Needs

  • Drives forward the quality of the products to position them as quality leaders on the
    market, leveraging the results of customer testing.
  • Coaches the teams in the purpose and methods of customer testing and its benefits to
    create winning products
  • Monitors the progress of the quality programs in place
  • Teaches the team the importance of the quality labels and programs in place and follow
    up the resolution of non-compliances

(10) Pricing Management

  • Implement, execute and follow strictly the overall pricing strategies, discount and
    promotional guidelines based on the strategic and financial imperatives outlined in
    business plan.
  • Designs price management approaches (price positioning, flexibility left to store,
    discount policy, etc.) for various products to promote sales of strategically important
  • Gather market knowledge with largest suppliers of key products categories to develop
    an optimized approach to the consumer price offer.

(11) Profit and Margin Management

  • Sets and reviews profit and margin targets for each product category and format, in line
    with overall company’s vision and profitability objectives.
  • Proactively works with Buyers and Merchandising Head to secure scalable, profitable
    growth, and drives people to deliver extra profit.
  • Develops profit and margin management initiatives, such as product & range re-
    engineering to drive costs down, and actively train colleagues to deliver sustainable
    margin enhancements.
  • Drive a front margin sell through model to maximize profits through selling Products

(12) Supplier Management

  • Sets up supplier selection standard process, selection criteria, evaluation scorecards to
    optimize supplier portfolio
  • Provides guidelines to Buyers to negotiate with suppliers to achieve best deals and
    desired levels of quality.
  • Leads the strategic relationships with the most strategic brand suppliers and exclusive
  • Identifies new strategic partnership possibilities, and supplier portfolio synergies.
  • Initiates supplier development projects to continuously improve the supplier’s
    portfolio and proactively provides insightful advice and direction to manage suppliers in complex situations.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned by Management

(13) Supply Chain Management

  • Understand constraints of supply chain and work on product procurement collaborating with suppliers
  • Create Demand forecast to secure variety of items and sufficient quantity in advance working with Demand Planning team and Logistics team

Work Experience

  • Minimum 5 years and above experienced in related field, retail background will be preferable
  • Analytical Capability
  • Ability to use tools and techniques to conduct data analysis and find root causes of a business issue, apply logical thinking and formulate insights to improve the overall business performance.
  • Negotiation
  • Ability to leverage communication skills to maximize the Department interest in
    agreements with business partners. This supposes to creatively explore alternatives, and
    drive to generate consensus on a positive outcome to Wellington Pharmacy.
  • Communicating with Impact
  • Ability to leverage various communication techniques and tools in order to effectively
    receive, accurately interpret and deliver ideas and messages with tangible impact.
  • Commercial Awareness
  • Ability to understand business needs and assess their underlying causes and potential
    consequences. It also refers to the ability to balance revenue, cost and profit margin focus
    to deliver the optimal business performance against budget objectives.
  • Learning Agility
  • The constant willingness to learn, embrace new ideas and business transformation, and
    adopt new techniques. This also includes the ability to learn independently and to demonstrate a strong curiosity to keep up with trends and innovations (digital transformation, disruptive business models, etc.) as well as adaptation to change.
  • Execution Capability
  • Ability to conduct end-to-end tasks in an effective way and to constantly delivery high quality results. It also includes the ability to fulfil the strategic objectives through detailed action plans, to accept accountability for the production of tangible results and deliver accordingly.


  • Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and any related diploma/certificate holders would be advantage

Interested applicants are invited to apply for job opportunities by sending their resumes to [email protected] and [email protected].